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Get Involved, Internet: Give Donald Trump the They Live treatment

Photo: GoFundMe / Mitch O'Connell

Back when a Donald Trump presidency was simply a horrifying possibility and not a mortifying reality, artist Mitch O’Connell drew a pop-art portrait of the then-candidate depicting him as one of the hollow-eyed aliens from John Carpenter’s They Live. The image was originally created to promote annual 24-hour horror movie marathon The Massacre in Chicago, but has since become popular enough—the most popular illustrations he’s ever drawn, according to O’Connell— to spawn legions of imitators as well as, naturally, a line of official merch.

Photo: GoFundMe / Mitch O’Connell

And now O’Connell is trying to take this message to the masses, forcing Trump voters to put on the glasses with a GoFundMe campaign to put his “Trump Lives” illustration on billboards around Washington, DC. ”I know there are much more important fundraisers on GoFundMe,” O’Connell writes on the campaign page. “On the other hand, when billions are spent to elect these folks, and so far 100,000,000 has been spent on our president’s Mar-A-Lago golf outings, a couple grand as a start to put up a funny billboard doesn’t seem that crazy.”

The campaign is currently hovering at $1,675, $255 short of O’Connell’s estimate of how much it would take to put up one billboard for 60 days. Should you find this particular bit of pop-cultural protest appealing, you can donate a few bucks to make the billboard a reality here.

Photo: GoFundMe / Mitch O’Connell

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