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Get Involved, Internet: Fund a retro horror-comedy from Second City alums

Journey To Burger Town

Everybody seems to enjoy a good horror-comedy like Shaun Of The Dead or even some bits of Cabin In The Woods, but the major studios don’t usually acknowledge the fact that an ostensibly scary movie can also be fun and funny. Thankfully, a pair of Chicago-based filmmakers calling themselves Cartridge Thunder are very aware of this, and they’re going to fill the horror-comedy hole in our lives with a film called Journey To Burger Town. With a cast made up of improv alums from Second City and iO, the film is an ‘80s-inspired riff on classic movie monsters and Cartridge Thunder has turned to Kickstarter to get it made.

They’re looking to raise $100,000 before November 26, and rather than a traditional pitch video, the Kickstarter page features a proof-of-concept scene with a werewolf battle and a bunch of well-deployed ‘80s nods. Plus, to add to the retro aesthetic, the filmmakers say they’re hoping to make the special effects “85 percent practical,” which will probably look a lot more unique than cheap CG animation.


You can learn more about the project and check out the various Kickstarter rewards at this link.

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