Twitter user @dril is commonly associated with what some call “Weird Twitter,” a phrase used to classify the characters who’ve found a unique comedic voice through the medium. None are more prevalent (or revered) than dril, however, whose crude, meandering musings are simultaneously stupid, subtle, and satiric.

“I have no idea who dril is,” Twitter fixture Jon Hendren (@fart) told Buzzfeed back in 2013, “but I think he might be a computer algorithm. From the future.”

For nearly a decade now, the mystery man behind the account has made magic with 140 characters. Now, he’s ready to expand into ”video, illustration, and long-form writing,” the likes of which will no doubt be hilariously mortifying. He’s started a Patreon (”dril is creating Hell,” it reads) where you can support his endeavors and get a glimpse at some of his artwork. Here’s what it says:

it is my One Desire to be able to create massive amounts of content for all of you to enjoy. however, lately I have pursued a wider variety of media, including video, illustration, and long-form writing. these larger-scale projects eat up a shit load of time and resources, and while I will continue posting bull shit on twitter regardless, it’s becoming necessary for me to seek some sort of funding in order to produce work of the Quality you deserve…

as of right now, I have made significant progress on several books which will be filled with hundreds of pages of Boy’s wisdom and artwork that you will absolutely love. I hope to have these finished sometime before the upcoming 10th anniversary of my vile twitter account, around late 2018.

please consider helping me out if you think I’m good. if you think i should go fuck myself that is also fine,


Donate $1 and get a “thank you.” Donate $2 and dril will “try” to answer your questions “even if theyre crude or insipid.” Donating $3 gets you “access to Dark Net,” which contains exclusive artwork and progress updates. “This is clearly the best one,” he says. It’s also the one with the most backers. As of this writing, dril is $822 to his goal of $9,999 goal.

If you’re unfamiliar with @dril, here are some recent tweets to give you a sense of his voice:



If those don’t convince you to drop a few bucks, what will?