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David Fincher and Blur Studios have been trying to turn the Eric Powell's comic book The Goon into an animated feature for a couple of years now, but have never gotten beyond a "proof of concept" trailer and scattered mock-up art that has, in turn, failed to entice a studio into actually making it. So like many a filmmaker who would seem to have every advantage already, yet still can't get a passion project made exactly the way they want it without dipping into their own coffers, Fincher et al. have turned to crowdsourced funding for the "Let's Kickstart This Fuckin' Film" campaign to create a proper story reel. (A $400,000 story reel that Fincher can't pony up for himself, apparently, even with all that David Fincher money…. but whatever. The point is to make the fans feel involved, we guess.)

If you are one of those fans, you know that Powell's comic about a tough mob enforcer battling zombie priests, killer robots, hags, fish-men, and other assorted paranormal creatures is likely a tough sell as an animated movie, given the proclivities for outrageous violence and tough-talking gangster language that would limit it to a mostly adult audience. (Confusion with the Seann William Scott-starring Goon—or even the Matthew Perry sitcom Go On—probably doesn't help.) Nevertheless, Fincher remains committed to making it, with the voices of Clancy Brown and Paul Giamatti in the roles of The Goon and his right-hand man Frankie, respectively, and he and his fellow filmmakers are, of course, offering incentives in exchange for your help in furthering along the pitch process.


Donors get rewards like access to the film's production blog, T-shirts and autographed posters, original art, and even a bronze bust of The Goon himself. Of course, the greatest reward would be for someone to actually make the film, after you cough up money all so they can produce just a concept reel. But alas, there are no guarantees there.

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