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Get Involved, Internet: Bring the story of ’80s D.C. punk to the big screen

Every day, more and more creative types are turning to crowdsourcing to fund their projects. Get Involved, Internet aims to help them. If you know of a worthwhile project needing attention, let us know.

Scott Crawford’s passion for punk runs deep. At age 12, he started a fanzine called Metrozine that covered the genre’s forceful emergence in Washington D.C. in the ’80s. He went on to play guitar for the local outfit Darkness At Noon, and more recently founded Harp Magazine and Blurt, an online publication that raised eyebrows in 2009 for being audacious enough to publish a quarterly print edition. Now Crawford is returning to his roots as the writer-director of Salad Days, a new documentary that makes an argument for the sophistication and influence of the punk scene that flourished in the nation’s capital in the ’80s.


The film features interviews with punk patriarch Ian MacKaye, Dave Grohl (who was featured on a compilation released by Metrozine when he was only 16), Fred Armisen (who admits in the trailer that he's in love with Ian MacKaye), and a host of other players in the D.C. scene, many of whom are now quite hilarious in their mild-mannered daddishness. Preproduction on the film is almost complete, but now Crawford and crew need the funds to see it through, with the hope of releasing it sometime in late 2013. While smaller contributors can enjoy the rewards of Salad Days merchandise ranging from T-shirts to signed posters, higher-level backers (i.e. $500 and up) receive a producing credit.

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