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Nick Carter is asking fans to fork over $85,000 so that he can make a horror movie that he co-wrote. The Backstreet Boy is actually no stranger to the horror genre, and not just because he plays a mummy in the video for “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back).” He says he’s a “HUGE” fan of the genre and has acted in at least one other full-length, 2004’s abysmal The Hollow. He also starred in a fairly shitty 2010 short, The Pendant. The movie he co-wrote and is seeking funding for is called Evil Blessings, and while there’s art and a logo for the film, there’s still no actual product to watch, and that’s where diehard Backstreet Boys fans come in.

While $85,000 might not seem like a lot of money with which to make a movie, Carter says that there’s already a team attached to the movie that knows “how to make low budget look high end on screen,” and that he’ll be teaming up with Crazy Heart producer Rob Carliner to make sure “every penny ends up on screen.” Lest Carter be branded a Zach Braff, he says that he “WILL BE FUND MATCHING A PORTION OF ALL THE FUNDS RAISED TO ENSURE THIS PROJECT GETS MADE.


Carter also says that fan funding will help him ensure that the movie doesn’t fall into the evil clutches of a studio, allowing him and his team to make sure their “sexy, scary, and gory movie with heart” doesn’t have to hold back and can push solidly into R-rated territory.

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