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Fans of cult TV shows are always rallying to see their favorite characters on the silver screen—where, perhaps, they’ll finally get the validation the Nielsen families consistently denied them—but for every Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me or Serenity, there are quixotic ventures like Arrested Development (which is at least coming back to Netflix) or Community (which won’t likely meet its “six seasons and a movie” goal). The idea of a Veronica Mars movie has been kicking around for years since the CW cancelled the beloved but low-rated detective show after three seasons. And now, creator Rob Thomas, Kristen Bell, and the rest of the cast has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the $2 million necessary to make it happen on an indie scale. For Kickstarter, the figure is ambitious but not unprecedented: The Pebble E-Paper Watch, for example, raised over $10 million. With news of the campaign already burning up social media, the initial outpouring of support is making the goal seem entirely feasible, and the prizes for backers are tantalizing, from a PDF of the script (on day of release) at the lowest donation level to a speaking role in the movie at the highest. And based on this delightful promotional clip, you’ll want to see the gang again. You used to be friends, a long time ago…


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