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Get excited for your favorite movie with this supercut of ‘80s production company logos

(Image: The Cannon Group)

These days, with YouTube and Vine stealing away everybody’s attention, there are only a few studios actually making real movies. Back in the ‘80s, though, everybody was on drugs and everybody was making stylish action flicks with their very own production companies. Of course, a movie studio is only as good as its flashy logo, and a YouTube user named Jonny Wurster (via Boing Boing) has compiled a supercut of some of the best ones. The whole thing is weirdly soothing, and the only downside is that some rad Kurt Russel movie or whatever doesn’t kick in when the video stops. Thankfully, you can run it through a YouTube looper and just watch it over and over and over again.

Was your favorite production company logo not in that video? Well, YouTube user Jonathan H. has thrown together a few similarly nostalgic clips that go back a little further:

Now, for comparison’s sake, here’s the same old DreamWorks logo you see before every movie these days:

Boring, right? C’mon, Hollywood. It’s time to bring back the days of weirdly ominous production company logos with all the weird lasers and flashing lights.


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