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Get cozy with this Outlander-themed Yule log footage

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The holiday Yule log fireplace video—an hour of footage of a burning log—is an annual tradition for many without a real hearth. And now Starz has taken that tradition to the next level with a new video that features a healthy dose of female empowerment—or at least a new video that involves a vague connection to a show about female empowerment.


Starz’s Outlander-themed Yule log video is a subtle ode to the series, which is set on the Scottish highlands during the 18th century. Not only does the 90-minute video feature a cozy fire in the Lallybroch hearth underscored by composer Bear McCreary’s music, there are also two dogs who wander periodically in and out of the shot.

Though easily mockable, there’s something genuinely charming about this well-scored, faux-historical holiday experience (especially the longer you let it play). Starz will air some of the footage from 2:45 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. on December 25 ahead of the channel’s Outlander marathon. The full video is currently available on the Starz website and makes the perfect accompaniment to the last full work week before Christmas.

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