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Get closer to the Gang than you ever wanted with the It’s Always Sunny VR experience

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Project Badass

This latest season of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia has been heavy on gimmicks, with the Gang constantly looking for new ways to be inventively and creatively awful. Now, FX has hit upon virtual reality as a vehicle for the show’s mayhem, allowing anybody with a headset to get way closer to Dennis, Dee, Charlie, Mac, and Frank than they could ever possibly want.

Featuring appearances from all five of the show’s stars, the VR experience posits itself as the setup for one of Mac’s ridiculous “Project Badass” stunts, with the end result at least a little cooler than the group’s resident would-be stuntman taping fireworks to himself and riding a bike into some mattresses. Mostly, though, it’s just an excuse for the crew to tell Mac’s accomplice—i.e., the viewer—that they’re going to die, and criticizing him for the cinematography for his upcoming “snuff film.”

And hey, if you don’t have a VR headset, you’re still in “luck”; FX has also released Project Badass as a 360 video, so you can get that same “Charlie yelling in your face” experience as someone with an expensive Oculus strapped to their head.


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