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Get centered with this supercut of Wes Anderson's symmetrical compositions

Ever wonder why all Wes Anderson films look so Wes Anderson-y? Director and BFI Sight & Sound contributor kogonada suggests one answer in "Centered," a supercut of Anderson's films that highlights the director's Kubrickian obsession with symmetrical composition. The technique, which heightens viewer awareness of Anderson's intricate, dollhouse-like craftsmanship, also puts the characters front-and-center–thus making kogonada's cut the perfect conversation starter for both fans who defend Anderson's whimsical filmmaking and those who balk at its twee artifice (an argument which presumably can only be settled through vigorous debate in Futura). In any case, let "Centered" whet your appetite for Anderson's latest confection, The Grand Budapest Hotel, which may or may not have already opened in a city near you.

For more, see kogonada's previous ode to Anderson's love of symmetry and overhead shots in "From Above."


Wes Anderson // Centered from kogonada on Vimeo.

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