(Photo: Andrew Volk)

Walter TV is more than just Mac DeMarco’s backing band. Though two-thirds of its members tour with the Montreal indie rocker, the group has been around since before DeMarco was even a glint in its eye, forming years back in a beach town outside Vancouver. Though debut LP Appetite is an excellent representation of the band’s sound and style, Blessed, out this Friday, July 10, should be an even better encapsulation. A.V. Club readers can get a sneak peek at what’s on Blessed below, where we’re streaming the whole damn thing. Ten tight tracks of refined wackiness, Blessed is woozy but sharp, the kind of record you’d want to come out of either a Montreal club or a British Columbia beach house.

Blessed is out July 10 on LP, CD, cassette, and online. Interested parties can pre-order physical copies here and digital copies here. Those in L.A. can check out the group live this Thursday, July 9, at Non Plus Ultra.