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Get a dose of small-town quirk in convenient, Twitter-sized bites

From time to time, some website or magazine will collect odd items from small-town police blotters, just to show that even crime is super-quirky in the middle of the country, where everything is just like an episode of Parks & Recreation. Well, if you’ve been relishing one of those on a tweet-by-tweet basis, then the Twitter feed @Argus911 is just the thing for you. Run by The Argus Leader, the newspaper of South Dakota’s largest city, Sioux Falls, @Argus911 is a constant stream of the weird and wonderful from one of our smaller major metropolitan areas (and, weirdly, the fifth-largest city in the United States with an X in its name, so you know that now). Whether these tweets involve fire calls gone wrong, strange conflicts between vehicles, or just vandalism that didn’t actually happen, every single one is like a window into life in one of the Midwest’s sleepier corners—or, at the very least, the possible start of your next short story for your creative-writing seminar and/or Drive-By Truckers-inspired album.


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