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Germany’s Borat is a guy who looks like Hitler

The Nazis are still a taboo subject in Germany, as they are in many parts of the world (except in Asia, which holy fucking shit). But 70 years on, apparently it’s become more socially acceptable to poke fun at the country’s Fascist past, or at least to parade a Hitler lookalike around Borat- (or Bruno-, speaking of Germans) style to promote a movie.

The movie is called Look Who’s Back, and is based on a controversial and bestselling satirical novel imagining what would happen if Hitler were to re-emerge in modern-day Germany. Deadline reports that the crew has been touring Germany for a “pre-shoot” marketing campaign, using hidden cameras to document the reactions of ordinary German citizens when confronted with a guy who looks just like the evil dictator responsible for the genocide of 6 million people and a permanent blot on their country’s history. The faux Hitler even appeared at a right-wing skinhead rally, where he mocked the participants as “wimps,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.


Details on the production itself are being kept tightly under wraps, reportedly to protect unknown character actor Oliver Masucci, who plays Hitler. However, news of the stunt has been spreading rapidly over German-language regular media and social media alike, because you know a picture of Hitler pumping gas is going to get a ton of “likes.”

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