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German TV reveals that Osama Bin Laden was killed by Star Trek rebels

In addition to all those congratulatory beers that are just going to waste, here’s one of the other major drawbacks to not publicly revealing the identities of “Team Six,” the elite Navy SEAL group that brought down Bin Laden: It leaves the door wide open for just about anyone to come and take credit, even a bunch of anti-Cardassian terrorists from the 24th century. And that’s exactly what happened on Germany’s N24 TV network, which accidentally pulled a fan-created logo for the “Maquis Special Operations” group from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, then presented it as the SEAL Team Six logo, complete with analysis, noting, “They don’t have the skull in their emblem for nothing.”

Indeed, although the skull in question clearly (harrumph!) belongs to a Klingon, boasts a bolted-on eyepatch, and comes surrounded by bat’leths—weapons that, so far as we know, are not typically encountered in normal Navy SEAL operations. Most likely they’ve also yet to progress to using phasers, like the giant one featured in the emblem. What’s more, the German newscasters also didn’t seem to blink at the idea that a U.S. special ops team had seemingly borrowed its name from their old French Resistance enemies. Clearly, this is the worst thing the Germans have ever done. [Fox News via Gawker]


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