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German metal festival builds its own beer pipeline

(Photo: CARSTEN REHDER/AFP/Getty Images)

There’s taking your beer seriously, and then there’s commissioning a public works project to bring it directly to you: German metal festival Wacken Open Air has announced that it’s constructing a pipeline in order to supply itself with life-giving booze. (Organizers are also building pipelines for water and waste removal, as part of a wider infrastructure improvement to the festival grounds, but those obviously aren’t quite as important.)

The festival’s organizers cited environmental reasons for the pipe, which is more than a foot in diameter, and capable of delivering a glass’ worth of beer to thirsty music fans every second. Wacken festival goers apparently drink about 100,000 gallons of beer every year, and the constant influx of delivery trucks was tearing up the festival grounds at its home in Wacken, Germany.


Wacken kicks off this August, and has lined up more than 150 metal acts to get its happily booze-soaked attendees headbanging in peace.

[via BBC News]

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