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Illustration for article titled Gerard Butler sure likes it when he stars in sports movies, even if no one else does

After a year in which he starred in the soon-to-be-released soccer-themed romantic-comedy Playing For Keeps, preceded by the already-released-even-though-no-one-seemed-to-notice surfing drama Chasing Mavericks, Gerard Butler is already returning to sports for his next film. Butler will continue angling to become the Kevin Costner of soccer, basically, by starring in another soccer-based film, Dynamo, playing the goalie of a Ukrainian team that faces an all-star squad of Nazi players—a story based on the historic, real-life "Death Match" that's inspired several, non-Gerard Butler movies already, including 1981's Sylvester Stallone- and Michael Caine-starring Escape To Victory. So, in summation, Dynamo is: another movie about a soccer game that has already been dramatized several times; another Gerard Butler soccer movie; another soccer movie, period; another movie about Nazis; and another movie in which Gerard Butler stars that is not 300, despite this not really working out for anyone yet. It's also the reason Gerard Butler will be on a couple of talk shows in another year or so, maybe telling another sort-of-humorous anecdote about getting injured before setting up a clip of a movie you'll immediately forget about.


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