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Gerard Butler, Gerard Butler's horrible American accent star in the trailer for Angel Has Fallen

Shit always seems to be falling around Secret Service agent Mike Banning, whether it’s Olympusesor Londons, or what have you. Now Mike himself—still played by Gerard Butler, still doing an American accent he apparently learned by watching Christian Bale’s gravel-throated Batman movies—is getting ready to take a tumble of his own, in the new trailer for Angel Has Fallen. (He’s the angel. D’awwwww!)

Finally freed of his professional obligations to keep Aaron Eckhart alive, Butler is instead tasked with the care and feeding of once-and-future cinematic president Morgan Freeman. Things go wrong, though, when Mike is apparently framed for a drone attack on his fishing-loving charge. Forced to go on the run, he’s driven to team up with the only guy more grizzled, paranoid, or “they put a bottle brush down my throat!”-esque than everyone’s favorite disgraced terrorist hunter: Shotgun Santa himself, Nick Nolte. (Also Danny Huston is there, but we’re just going to go ahead and assume he’s the bad guy, because why else would you cast Danny Huston in a movie like this?)

Angel Has Fallen grittily explodes its way into theaters on August 23.

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