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George Takei joins The Terror's internment camp season on AMC

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Over the summer, AMC announced that its chilly horror anthology The Terror would be moving to an internment camp during World War II for its second season, specifically centering on an “uncanny specter” haunting a community of Japanese-Americans. It was an unfortunately timely reveal, with the U.S. government once again rounding people into camps for bullshit reasons, with new showrunner Alexander Woo referring to the Japanese-American internment camps as a “blemish on the nation’s conscience” and that his new storyline would convey the terror of the camps “in a way that feels modern and relevant to the present moment.”

Now, AMC has called in a ringer to tell that story, bringing on George Takei to appear as a series regular and act as a consultant for The Terror. During World War II, Takei was actually held in two Japanese-American internment camps, with a press release from AMC noting that this experience led to him becoming an activist for social justice. The press release says he will help to “ensure the accuracy of historical events and storytelling,” and he’ll be playing a “former fishing captain and community elder” named Yamato-san.

The 10-episode second season of The Terror will air on AMC next year, with Kiki Sukezane, Miki Ishikawa, Shingo Usami, and Naoko Mori joining Takei.

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