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George R.R. Martin's short story The Ice Dragon is getting an animated adaptation

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The end of Game Of Thrones is in sight, even if it won’t come for another year, but that doesn’t mean we’re facing a shortage of George R.R. Martin content. He has Syfy’s adaptation of Nightflyers and that book he’s supposed to be working on, and now Deadline is reporting that an adaptation of his kid-friendly short story The Ice Dragon is now going to be made into an animated film. Despite the title—and what publishers insist on saying—the book isn’t technically connected to A Song Of Ice And Fire (the book series Game Of Thrones is based on). The original story predates A Game Of Thrones (the book), which means it predates the creation of Westeros, as Martin explicitly noted on his LiveJournal page a few years ago.


Anyway, The Ice Dragon is about a girl named Adara who was born in a “long winter” and befriends a legendary ice dragon. That may sound very Game Of Thrones, since those stories have long winters and ice dragons, but again, this is totally unrelated. Together, Adara and her ice dragon have to fight an army of fire dragons that come from the north, which is totally different from how things work in the Game Of Thrones world. (Also, the dragon is a metaphor for the girl’s grief over her dead mother.)

Warner Bros. is making the animated adaptation with Martin on board as a producer, but those are pretty much the only details we have at this point.

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