Over the past four seasons, Game Of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin—who is not obsessed with wieners—has delighted fans by personally penning one episode of the show per year. In season one, he wrote the episode where Ned Stark gets imprisoned. In season two, he wrote “Blackwater,” the one with the big battle. In season three, it was the one where Theon lost his “favorite toy,” and he wrote the so-called Purple Wedding in season four. Basically, seeing that Martin wrote an episode is usually a good sign that some important stuff is going to happen. It’s a cause for anxious celebration.

This year, though, will be different. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Martin said he won’t be writing an episode of HBO’s Game Of Thrones for its upcoming season. Instead, he’s going to spend his time working on some book called The Winds Of Winter, which we understand is a part of his Song Of Ice And Fire series. Though people who read books might see this as good news, people who don’t will surely be disappointed that Martin is taking time away from his hugely popular TV series to focus on this dumb other thing. Hopefully Martin will finish up with this little literary diversion and get The Winds Of Winter out on store shelves soon, because we don’t want to have to wait too long for him to write another episode of Game Of Thrones. That would be awful.