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George R.R. Martin wants you to remember that there are more Game Of Thrones spin-offs in the works

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Back in April, HBO canned one of its Game Of Thrones spin-off concepts, with writer Bryan Cogman saying that the network “decided to go a different way” with the future of its Game Of Thrones money factory. The main spin-off is already moving forward from writer Jane Goldman and star Naomi Watts, with production ramping up just as vanilla Game Of Thrones is winding down, but George R.R. Martin wants everyone to remember that there’s still plenty of life in Game Of Thrones. In a recent blog post (Martin, a man with nothing else to do these days, will always find time for blogging), the author mentioned that three Game Of Thrones spin-offs “are still moving forward nicely.” One of them is Goldman’s, a series he wanted to call The Long Night but can’t now because that was the name of a recent episode, but the other two are still “in the script stage” and are “edging closer.”

As for what they’ll be about, Martin can’t/won’t say, but he does casually suggest that curious fans check out his new book Fire & Blood (a fictional history book about Westeros) for some clues. Of course, he could just be trying to plug his new book and there may not be any actual clues, but we won’t know either way until HBO says something official. In the end, it’s a personal choice: Do you want to read another book about dragons, or would you rather wait and watch a TV show about dragons without any preexisting knowledge? On another note, Martin says he dislikes the term “spin-off” and would prefer that we refer to these as “successor shows,” but one guy can only have so many new terms associated with his work. Game Of Thrones already gave us “sexposition” (meaning exposition given by naked people and not… the other thing it could mean), so Martin can’t also make us say “successor shows” in place of spin-offs.

Elsewhere in Martin’s latest blog post: He really liked Avengers: Endgame and is happy that Joe Biden is running for president.

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