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George R.R. Martin throws out first pitch, probably doesn’t kill anyone

In what could count as a SPOILER for those who have not yet watched this past weekend’s Game of the Albuquerque Isotopes, George R.R. Martin stopped by the field of his local minor league baseball team to throw out the first pitch, creating a natural union of Game Of Thrones fandom and sports activities in the open air. For the occasion, Martin wore his finest athletic suspenders and flew under the banner of the House New York Mets, which explains Martin’s interest in stories of unloved siblings destined to never rule.

In what definitely is not a metaphor for anything, Martin tosses the ball with seemingly little concern for where it will end up, then shrugs indifferently at the reaction and/or beloved players it might have taken out. That last part is unclear, as the video doesn’t reveal the pitch’s ending. Maybe check back in a couple years.


[via Uproxx]

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