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George R.R. Martin’s publishing a Game Of Thrones story this year (no, not that one)

Game Of Thrones

HBO’s Game Of Thrones has long since lapped George R.R. Martin in the storytelling department—the seventh season will arrive this summer, while the author can only guess that Winds Of Winter might be out in time for actual winter. But fantasy bookworms may rest a little easier with the knowledge that Martin will definitely release a new Game Of Thrones story. (It might not necessarily be the one they want, but they’ll take what they can get.)

The ever-vigilant Watchers On The Wall reports that a Game Of Thrones short story will be published this fall as part of Book Of Swords, an anthology edited by Hugo and Nebula award winner Gardner Dozois. The book’s description states that it will include “a new story from George R. R. Martin set in the world of A Game of Thrones!” Watchers notes that there’s already speculation that the offshoot story is an excerpt from Fire And Blood, a different Song Of Ice And Fire book that Martin’s working on, for which HBO’s probably already securing the rights.


[via Screenrant]

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