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George R.R. Martin opens nonprofit movie studio, since he has nothing else going on

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Emmy winner George R.R. Martin, whose life we all know is all about moving pictures on the big and small screens, has just started a nonprofit production company in Santa Fe. Called the Stagecoach Foundation, it’s a 30,000-square foot space that houses a non-profit office and production company, and will be open to big-time Hollywood players and up-and-comers alike.

Martin, whose dream came true when he began writing for HBO’s Game Of Thrones, lives in Santa Fe, where he converted the Jean Cocteau Cinema into an arts studios/storage space combo (presumably for all the props he’s collected) that also finances local arts initiatives. Now he’s going to get to meet Joel and Ethan Coen, who will reportedly shoot some of their next film at Stagecoach Foundation. As if all that excitement weren’t enough, Santa Fe mayor Javier Gonzales tweeted about meeting the film and TV buff, whose production company will bolster the city’s economy.


Mayor Gonzales said the addition of Stagecoach Foundation is a necessary step in building a greater film infrastructure for the city. And Martin is a key player in that initiative. And since he has absolutely no other commitments we can think of, Martin is probably angling for an onscreen role in one of the films that will shoot on his lot.

[via Albuquerque Journal]

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