Looking to take a breather from people who might give him a hard time about the next A Song Of Ice And Fire book, George R.R. Martin headed to San Diego’s Comic-Con, a place where the nation’s chillest people gather to unwind and take in the breeze along beautiful San Diego Bay. They also sometimes retreat to a nearby shady spot to discuss comic books, which is what Martin did on a panel devoted to his comics work, and in an interview where he talked to Marvel about how he might handle The Avengers. (Spoiler alert: He’d introduce—and make you care about—a character, then he’d kill them.)

But lest you think Martin totally left Game Of Thrones behind, Redditor “justbeingfrank” passed along this selfie he snapped of himself, witnessing the author really getting inside the head of Daenerys Targaryen.


According to “justbeingfrank,” the pose was ostensibly so that Martin’s publicist could take a photo so Martin could text it to his wife. (“who’s yr mother of dragons ;)” he writes. His wife sighs.) But quite possibly, this is also a glimpse into Martin’s writing process, which necessitates his putting himself inside a cardboard standee of all his characters for a while before he can write them. That would explain a lot.  

[via Uproxx]