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George R.R. Martin gets cloned in the trailer for Multiplicity 2: Game Of Clones

Despite Neil Gaiman’s mantra that “George R.R. Martin is not your bitch,” fans continue to clamor for new material from the prolific writer. In between his other side projects, working on the hugely successful Game Of Thrones TV show, and completing the concluding books in his Song Of Ice And Fire saga, how can a simple man in an olde timey sea captain’s hat find time for himself? The answer is simple: cloning.

Well, to be more specific, Martin could follow the same plotline and beats of the 1996 Michael Keaton clone comedy, Multiplicity. In this video by Humordy, George R.R. Martin (played by Zero Charisma’s Sam Eidson) clones himself in order to meet the demands of his rabid fanbase as well as the various needs that only a cloned version of oneself can provide. Of course, just as in that Keaton komedy klassic, things begin to go awry as more clones are introduced and personalities develop in Multiplicity 2: Game Of Clones.

The video is an excellent recreation of the original Multiplicity trailer, seen below, while also adding enough references from the works and world of Martin to make it funny and understandable to those who may not be as familiar with Keaton’s film (“Hi, Steve!”). While George R.R. Martin may not be working for the fans, surely they can feel good bossing around a fourth generation copy of the celebrated author?

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