Admittedly, “George R.R. Martin likes killing characters!” isn’t the most original punchline. But Nerdist at least gets credit for really committing to the idea in this new Taylor Swift-inspired Game Of Thrones parody, “Blank Page.”

In the original “Blank Space” video, Swift is a merciless black widow who invites boyfriends to her glamorous mansion only to turn on them. In the parody, Martin is the mansion-owner, his guest is Daenerys Targaryen, and his unhinged behavior is a reminder that even fan favorites aren’t safe in the world of Westeros.


The video loses points for the absolutely terrible non-rhyme, “So much death in the Seven Kingdoms / You could say I’m insane. / Cause you know I love Kingslayers /And you love Game Of Thrones.” (At the very least make it “You love thrones and games.”) On the other hand, it’s pretty great to see the video’s Martin stand-in recreating Swift’s upright horseback ride while standing on a dragon.