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He's a little busy reading/watching Hap And Leonard right now (Photo: Steve Snowden/Getty Images)

Whether or not there’s a royal wedding, the season-seven finale of Game Of Thrones is going to draw huge ratings (outages are probably coming, so brace yourselves). Even people who haven’t been following along this whole time and therefore don’t see why the handsome brooding guy can’t get with the beautiful dragon whisperer will probably tune in on Sunday to learn the meaning behind “The Dragon And The Wolf.” Oddly, the one person who’s definitely going to miss out on the excitement and ravens is the guy behind all of it. Apparently, George R.R. Martin hasn’t been keeping up with the show, and will therefore not be in attendance of what looks to be the latest knotting of Targaryen family ties.

The Song Of Ice And Fire author took a break from thinking about finishing up The Winds Of Winter to tell Metro that he’s just too busy to actually watch the show these days. Martin’s written for the very popular adaptation by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss in the past, but he doesn’t have time to fire up the old laptop to watch the latest white walker advance. He blames “writing and touring” for his jam-packed schedule, and to be fair, he does have multiple TV and book projects lined up, though if he moves at a his usual pace, we’re not likely to see any of them before Game Of Thrones wraps in 2018. For now, his involvement with the show seems to be limited to retweeting stuff from related parody accounts:


Martin did make time to answer a few more questions for Metro, including whether he ever takes suggestions from fans (he doesn’t) and if there’s any connection between Westerosi politics and their real-life counterpart (there isn’t). He also says he resembles Samwell Tarly the most, and given how much time Sam’s spent scribbling things into journals this season, we kind of see it, too.

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