George R. R. Martin

(This article contains spoilers for Game Of Thrones season five and potential spoilers for season six.)

After Game Of Thrones finishes its run at HBO, fans are desperate for the series to peddle its horrific wares at multiplexes, despite that viewers won’t be able to pause the drama when it gets too intense or read tweets from Retta when they need solidarity in their misery. Even author George R. R. Martin on occasion has stumped for a Game Of Thrones film, which prompted many to give credence to recent reports from the Daily Star that Martin had finally confirmed that the movie is happening. The Star also claimed to have spoken with a “production insider” who said the film would be a prequel to the series, allowing some of the show’s most beloved characters to reappear despite dying throughout the past five seasons.


But, like a promise to show up at your friend’s wedding and not horrifically murder everyone in attendance, that all turned out to be bullshit. Complex reports that Martin has dispelled these rumors via LiveJournal. Martin calls the reports “completely false” and explains that “[n]o one is working on any movie just now.”

This undoubtedly will crush fans who thought they had finally learned how Kitt Harington’s Jon Snow could return to the series without actually coming back to life. (HBO’s president of programming Michael Lombardo says that a resurrected Snow is totally not happening, no matter how many days Harington spends on the season six set.) Of course, this doesn’t mean that we’ll never get a Games Of Thrones movie. But until we get official confirmation from Martin or series creators D.B. Weiss and David Benioff, we’ll keep looking into the fire—i.e., Googling rampantly—to see whether any of them betray their intentions.