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George Miller suggests there’s plenty of gas left in the Mad Max idea tank

Mad Max/AV Club

Though it’s only had the weekend to gain traction, Mad Max: Fury Road has performed well enough with critics and audiences that there’s already talk of making even more movies about demolition dune buggies in search of an alternative fuel source. (That is what these movies are about, right?) According to UPROXX (via a Wolfpop interview), director George Miller has already submitted two ideas for future films in the series, in addition to the pitch for the Furiosa pic that spent a little time gestating as a possible anime prequel to Fury Road.

And yesterday, Miller went to the top of the mountain—a.k.a. Twitter—to thank fans and hint at stories to come:

Hello Twitter! Thanks for all the kind words written and said about the film. We had a lot of fun making it..and there’s more Max to come.

— George Miller (@GMillerMax) May 17, 2015

Tom Hardy has reportedly signed on for three more films, so maybe we’ll eventually see Max opening up an actual Outback Steakhouse or renovating the Thunderdome. Or, in the interest of keeping things fresh, perhaps Miller will hand the reins to Michelle MacLaren or Karyn Kusama for a future installment, since the franchise seems to have “gone all feminist.”


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