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George Miller snaps the neck of rumor he’s directing Man Of Steel 2

Man Of Steel

The notion of Mad Max: Fury Road’s George Miller directing the next Superman movie was pretty exciting for fans of the spandex-clad DC hero, suffice to say. Of course, that rumor was almost immediately followed by word the sequel had been put on “permanent hold” by the studio. The latter bit of news seemed to put the former in a chokehold of unlikelihood, and now, George Miller himself comes along to snap the proverbial neck of hopes he might helm that movie. In a new interview with Digital Spy, the director says that, while there were indeed talks about him directing a potential Man Of Steel sequel, nothing came of it.

I hope the next film I make is a very small, small film, without any special effects, and not many stunts. [Laughs.] There’s been some of that [rumors of Man Of Steel 2] in the mix, but I’d say it’s probably not true. I was gonna do the Justice League movie that fell through in 2009… the planets didn’t align for that one.


Miller does refer to superhero films as being the contemporary culture’s equivalent of the ancient Greek and Roman myths, and that that’s “always something I’m interested in.” But for now, you’ll have to content yourself with the knowledge that Miller also basically confirms there should be two more Mad Max films coming eventually, even though it sounds like his next project may just consist of a one-shot close-up of an ant farm for 90 minutes.

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