Director George Miller's long-promised Mad Max reboot—among the only films in history that can claim to have been delayed by flowers—is finally back on track to revive the franchise, with Tom Hardy wresting its bleak, post-apocalyptic wasteland populated by a society of cutthroat murderers away from the negativity of Mel Gibson. And while we've definitely heard this before, this time Miller really has to make it, because star Charlize Theron has already shaved her head, so otherwise he would be a dick. As seen on Coming Soon, Theron has been spotted around town sporting a freshly shorn pate barely hidden by a fedora, which would seem to suggest that she really has officially readied herself for the film's shoot in Africa next month, or that she's just going through some stuff right now. More likely the former, though, as she recently told Shock Til You Drop that she is "fucking dying" to make the new Mad Max film (or maybe even two films), saying, "It's been three years. It's time to skin this cat already." Please note that Theron means this last bit as a metaphor for making the movie, and not in the way that you're thinking because you're a pervert.