It’s been nearly four years since George Lucas revealed that he was working on a live-action Star Wars TV series, one that would fill in the gaps between the prequels and the original trilogy. And while most probably assumed he’d quietly let it drop, choosing to instead focus on easier ways to repackage and resell his creation, it turns out he’s already shot 50 hours of the thing [UPDATE: The original reports said that the 50 hours were "in the can," but our readers pointed us to where Lucasfilm clarified that he just has 50 hours of scripts he's written. Thanks!] It’s just that, in typical Lucas fashion, he’s looking to develop an entirely new type of production technology first before he feels comfortable putting it on the air. Calling that development “a very difficult process” when he spoke to G4, Lucas was reluctant to provide a timeline for when the series might move forward again, only saying that he wanted to wait until this breakthrough, more cost-efficient technology was invented in order to make the new show “credible” (because as with the prequels, the only measure of its worth will be the success of its CGI, we guess).