Jodie Foster’s Money Monster—which is about a financial guru of loose moral character, and not, as we’ve previously discussed, a man-eating dollar bill—has found its money monster. George Clooney will bring his suave demeanor and excellent teeth to the role of a TV host who rises to the top of his profession on the strength of his insider trading tips. Things hit a rough patch when a viewer who lost all his money by acting on a bad tip from Clooney decides to hold the host hostage at gunpoint on live television, forcing him to spill his financial secrets to a rapidly growing audience. The host’s producers presumably remain just out of sight, refusing to cut the feed and run an episode of Friends or something, since they know good TV when they see it.

Foster—best known to audiences as an Academy Award-winning, cannibal questioning actress—has stepped up her directorial efforts in recent years, helming the Mel Gibson-speaks-through-a-hand puppet drama The Beaver, as well as episodes of Orange Is The New Black and House Of Cards. Money Monster is set to begin filming in early 2015.