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George Clooney to play Frank Sinatra opposite Angelina Jolie's Marilyn Monroe in talking dog film, skeptical question mark?

As we’ve learned time and again, announcing that Angelina Jolie will star in your film all but guarantees that Angelina Jolie will never star in your film—particularly when said announcement comes from an author as opposed to, for example, Angelina Jolie. So we're forced to break out the "skeptical question mark" that you hate to report the news that Jolie will play Marilyn Monroe opposite George Clooney as Frank Sinatra in an adaptation of Andrew O’Hagan’s novel The Life And Opinions Of Maf The Dog, And His Friend Marilyn Monroe. For one thing, it comes from O’Hagan himself, who reportedly broke this exclusive at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. For another, this casting sounds like the sort of random mishmash you get on Internet comment boards from people who don’t watch movies very much, and may as well be followed by “Steven Spielberg will direct” and “Jack Black plays the dog.” Then there’s also the fact that two different Marilyn Monroe biopics are already in the works with Naomi Watts and Michelle Williams, and it seems unlikely that anyone would begin prepping another without waiting to see whether they end up canceling each other out as far as the public’s interest goes. And lastly, did we mention that this is a movie about Marilyn Monroe and Sinatra as told through the perspective of a Maltese terrier? Nah, this will probably get made.


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