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George Clooney is making a TV show about Hollywood in the 1990s

The ‘90s were a crazy decade. Kids around the world were getting seizures from the Pokémon cartoon, adults were obsessed with a show called Mad About You, and a lowly TV doctor named George Clooney was somehow able to use his ugly face and moderate acting ability to become a successful movie star. Now, according to Vulture, Clooney is going back to the ‘90s for a new project about how the movie business used to work back then. Presumably, it was a lot like how it works now, but with more flannel shirts, pogs, and Backstreet Boys.

Clooney is still pitching the idea to networks, and Foxcatcher director Bennett Miller and Rescue Me creator Peter Tolan are reportedly involved as well. According to Vulture, it’s being described as a “dark comedy” TV series about the movie business in the ‘90s, told from the perspective of the studio executives. With big names like these involved, it’s a safe bet that some network will come along shortly, and with the public’s interest in the private lives of studio executives higher than ever, it seems like this couldn’t have come at a better time.


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