Day Of The Dead

With The Walking Dead still going strong and a spinoff, Fear The Walking Dead, expected this summer, businesses is booming for one-note bad guys who eat brains. And it’s time to add yet another zombie TV series to the mix—an adaptation of George A. Romero’s Empire Of the Dead Marvel comic series. Demarest, a production-finance company that backed the films A Most Wanted Man and Tusk, announced at Cannes that it would develop the series, which will be written by Romero and his longtime producing partner Peter Grunwald. The two also will serve as executive producers.

What makes this series stand out from other zombie serials is that the narrative somehow finds room for vampires. And, since it’s technically part of the Marvel universe, it’s possible that Thor might also show up someday. All of this shared universe business has really given us a hankering for seeing Mjölnir smash a bunch of zombie heads to smithereens. But since Marvel Studios doesn’t seem to be involved with the show and since Romero has always done things his own way, we might just have to suck it up and settle for a singular artistic vision.