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Geordie Shore is America's latest transatlantic volley in the culture wars

Jersey Shore, a rapidly expanding UN of people who get drunk and yell at each other, is set to expand to MTV UK with the Newcastle-based Geordie Shore debuting this spring or summer. For those Americans unfamiliar with the “Geordie,” the name refers to a native of northeastern England—specifically Newcastle, but as with the ”New Jersey natives" of Jersey Shore, it’s also a state of mind: In the words of MTV UK director Kerry Taylor, “No one wears a coat and Geordie girls are always out in their miniskirts.” Just a guess, but maybe look for the term “slapper” to be co-opted on the show as a source of pride, in much the way that “whore” gets thrown around on Jersey Shore? Here’s some other fun Geordie slang to familiarize yourself with; we can’t wait until the UK version of The Situation tells someone to “had yer gob.” "Yo, had yer gob, The Happenstance gan doon toon, ya divvie!"


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