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Back in December, we reported that Warner Bros. was working on a behind-the-scenes “shake-up” of how it manages DC Entertainment, the company built to oversee all of the comic books, movies, and TV shows concerning the DC superheroes (possibly as a reaction to the disappointing reception that Justice League received). At the time, one of the possible moves Warner Bros. was considering was moving DC Entertainment CCO Geoff Johns into an “advisory” role, giving him less hands-on control over the movies, and now it looks like that’s going to happen.


As reported by Variety, Johns will actually be stepping down as CCO of DC Entertainment, and he’ll be taking on a “new role” with “some sort of writing and producing deal” instead. DC Entertainment publisher Jim Lee will be replacing Johns as CCO.

Variety says that one of the first things Johns will do in his new position is develop Green Lantern Corps, a new movie about the eponymous team of space cops who are most famous these days for being a joke in the Deadpool movies. Johns revitalized the Green Lantern comics when he was just a writer at DC, expanding the scope of DC’s cosmic universe and giving the Lanterns a much more important role, so he seems like the right guy to take on something like this on. Now let’s just hope nobody tells that lovable scamp Deadpool. He’d definitely have something snotty to say.

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