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Generations unite with joy as Overwatch becomes GoldenEye

Screenshot: Overwatch 64

Playing games online can be a hellish gauntlet of racist children, rage-quitters, esoteric in-jokes, and mechanical arcana; if you are not good, you will probably die many, many times. Last year’s Overwatch did a lot to remedy that, making a competitive online game that is easy enough to pick up and play and caters to more than just the caffeine-addled reflexes of a 12-year-old boy. It is also bright and nice to look at. After years of dour military shooters, it’s a breath of fresh air, harkening back to the halcyon days when “competitive shooter” was essentially a synonym for four-player GoldenEye 007 parties, and the only troll you had to deal with was your shithead brother.

Accordingly, this mashup of the two games is a natural fit, placing the split-screen interactions, sound effects, music, and shooting styles from GoldenEye into Overwatch’s glossy modern universe. It climaxes with the inevitable—someone picking the cheap character that is in permanent crouch mode—and, while the camera does not at that point cut away to show everyone else in the room starting to beat up that person, it rests assured that they did. Those were the days of true law and order in gaming.


[via Vice]

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