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Illustration for article titled Generations collide as iIt/i stars Bill Hader and Finn Wolfhard interview each other
Screenshot: Finn Wolfhard (It Chapter 1); Bill Hader (It Chapter 2

In case you were wondering, Bill Hader is well-aware that his It counterpart Finn Wolfhard looks like a mix of him and his Saturday Night Live co-star Andy Samberg. This is one of several things they discuss in an extremely fun and candid interview for Glamour Magazine, which brings the young and old versions of Richie Tozier face to face. With an age difference of, ahem, 24 years, 6 months, and 17 days, they’re asked questions that ignite a conversation about the perils of fame and the work of which they’re most proud.

Wolfhard—who has clearly binged Barry—tells Hader he’s the “greatest comedian/filmmaker of our time.” Hey, bold statement, but we won’t argue. Hader, meanwhile, is a fan of how the 16-year-old Stranger Things star is handling his success. Cue the collective aww’s because it’s honestly just a really solid 5-minute compliment session between the two.


For their next interview together, they really need to do is give us an update on whether Hader finally accepted Wolfhard’s gift of a framed photo of the young actor. The entire teenage cast of It gave their adult Losers Club counterparts a similar present, but, as this Buzzfeed article notes, Hader thought displaying it in his home would just be “super weird.” He’s not wrong. 

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