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Gene Simmons will guest star on Scorpion for some reason

Scorpion, CBS

Scorpion is a CBS procedural so ridiculously formulaic it almost swings around into brilliant self-parody. A group of geniuses who specialize, respectively, in psychiatry, mechanics, math, and overall smartness tackle a Homeland Security case each week that coincidentally requires psychiatry, mechanics, math, and overall smartness to be solved. Plus Smash’s Katherine McPhee plays a waitress whose only job is to help these socially awkward nerds communicate with “normals.” It’s Sherlock meets Person Of Interest with some USA-flavor comedy thrown in. And now, because why not, Kiss frontman Gene Simmons is going to guest star in the show’s extra-long second season premiere this fall.

The news was announced at Comic-Con during the Scorpion panel, where Scorpion superfans presumably cosplayed by wearing this fedora. Executive producer Nicholas Wootton explained Simmons’ role will be a cameo, which probably means the singer will be playing himself, as he’s done in procedurals like CSI and Castle. Whether or not he’ll be involved in whatever case requires psychiatry, mechanics, math, and overall smartness to be solved remains to be seen.


The 90-minute season premiere will air October 26, following the debut of CBS’ new series Supergirl. Perhaps CBS is hoping that all the young fans who tune in to watch that female-fronted superhero project will be motivated to stick around for Scorpion thanks to a guest appearance from an aging rock star.

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