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Geena Davis will be taking the GLOW women to the mat for season 3

Photo: Phillip Faraone (Getty Images)

It looks like the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling will get their first taste of Vegas glamour when they meet their new entertainment director in the third season of GLOW . Per a recent press release from Netflix, Academy award-winning actress Geena Davis will be playing Sandy Devereaux St. Clair, the former showgirl-turned-director at the Fan-Tan Hotel And Casino. She will appear in five out of the season’s ten episodes and while there hasn’t been much revealed about her character as of yet, she’s the most qualified to show the the GLOW crew just what it means to be a woman trying to make a living in the Vegas circuit. You can catch a peek of Ms. St. Clair down below.

Photo: Netflix

Davis is easily one of the series’ biggest guest stars to date, which comes just in time as the wrestling company reaches new heights. Per Netflix, Ruth’s (Alison Brie) complicated personal life will begin to overshadow her interest in her wrestling career while Debbie (Betty Gilpin) will grapple with the guilt of being away from her son as she settles into her elevated role as a producer. Is it wrong to desperately hope that someone says “There’s no crying in wrestling!” during Davis’ short run? We hope not.

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