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Geena Davis wants filmmakers to leave Thelma & Louise alone

(Photo: C Flanigan/Getty Images)

In the age of constant remakes and reboots, Geena Davis has a humble request: Don’t touch Thelma & Louise, unless she’s somehow involved. “I would be against somebody doing, let’s say, Thelma & Louise without it being Susan [Sarandon] and me,” she told Variety at Sundance. “I wouldn’t like it. Maybe they’ll do it someday, but I wouldn’t like it.“ Well, she can take heart in knowing we probably wouldn’t enjoy seeing that happen either. After all, what clever concept could a studio come up with that would improve on Ridley Scott’s original? An all-male version? No, thank you. Still, the story of two women going on the lam and taking a stand against toxic male culture hasn’t lost any of its relevance, so we wouldn’t immediately rule out some smart new spin.

As Variety notes, it’s slightly amusing that Davis is taking such a stand given that she stars in Fox’s The Exorcist. In The A.V. Club’s review, we explained “the best way to describe this show is as another tale set within the Exorcist universe.”


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