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Gaze upon The Simpsons’ culinary abominations with this Instagram account

Screenshot: YouTube

The Simpsons is many things, but it’s not food porn. The dishes that get served up on the venerable animated sitcom are more often than not retch-worthy—cloves, Tom Collins mix, and frozen pie crust, anyone?—and its most famous culinary institution serves burgers that even its namesake won’t eat. Still, for all their misguided innovation, The Simpsons’ eats are at least rendered with artistic flair. Khlav Kalash, for example, looks queasily realistic considering its contents remain a mystery.

Instagram account Springfield Cuisine is here to document these animated delicacies and, well, all the other stuff that tends to find itself mixed up in them. Remember that serrated metal Krusty-O? Or this sundae pocked with pain pills and unplunged syringes? Yep, all the hits are here, from Homer’s moon waffle (which you can learn to make here) to nachos (Flanders-style!).


We wait with bated breath for the Guatemalan Insanity Pepper.

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