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Gaze upon the first new footage of the Titanic in 14 years

Screenshot: CBS This Morning (YouTube)

Hey, remember the Titanic? You know, that twentieth-century monument to human hubris, muse to Celine Dion, and possibly the only thing James Cameron loves more these days than his precious Na’vi? If you’re wondering how it’s faring at the bottom of the ocean, we hope you’re fans of both blunt metaphors and the horrors of the deep. Today, the first footage of the Titanic in over 14 years has found its way online, and well, it’s definitely still there, though it does appear to be disintegrating.


“The most fascinating aspect was seeing how the Titanic is being consumed by the ocean and returning to its elemental form while providing refuge for a remarkably diverse number of animals,” Triton Submarines president and co-founder, Patrick Lahey, told CNN, and sure, that’s certainly one way to put a silver-lining on all that murky creepiness.

It really is some particularly stunning footage of the wreckage, though, providing some of the best looks yet at Titanic’s remains. The images are particularly impressive (and eerie) this time around thanks to new, specialty 4K resolution cameras used in the dive that rely on “augmented” and VR technology to depict what, at 12,500 feet deep, would be an otherwise pitch-black scene.

Anyways, take it in now, because CBS This Morning reports that it could be all but gone in two decades.

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