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Gaze upon the finale Easter egg that reveals Jean-Ralphio’s post-Parks fate

Though last night’s Parks And Recreation series finale aptly wrapped up almost all the characters’ arcs, fans were left wondering about the fate of the perennially down to clown Jean-Ralphio Saperstein, who [key plot point from the finale ahead] faked his own death in an attempt to use the insurance money to open a casino in Tajikistan. He was caught, of course, alongside his sister Mona Lisa Saperstein, but viewers were left wondering what happened after he ran off.

Luckily, there’s an answer to that question. In an interview with Variety, showrunner Mike Schur said there was “a tiny Easter egg very deeply buried within the finale” that he hoped someone would find “someday” and that would “give you a clue about what happens to Jean-Ralphio.” And thanks to the Internet and the nerdy power of Parks fans, “Someday” has turned out to be mere hours later. One intrepid viewer has already identified the tiny Easter egg: A bottle of Jean-Ralphio champagne being served to elderly Typhoon and Craig as they take their sky/sea/whatever cruise and grouse about trout. Considering it’s being served in what appears to be first class, we’ll have to assume Jean-Ralphio’s champagne is only the finest in brut bubbly and does not taste like Brut cologne.


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