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Gaze deeply into these trippy neon 1-point perspective movie posters

For anyone who has wondered what it might be like to attend a movie marathon after inhaling a whole box of those fruit-scented markers in a room without proper ventilation, possibly while listening to Meddle by Pink Floyd in its entirety, the alternate movie posters from Van Orton Design may just hold the answer. The work of two brothers from Turin, Italy, the otherworldly posters boast vibrant neon colors within thick black lines. The images also demonstrate the power of one-point perspective, with those aforementioned lines appearing to lead to a single vanishing point on the horizon. One-point perspective was a famous hallmark of Stanley Kubrick’s work, so it is highly appropriate that two of his films, The Shining and 2001: A Space Odyssey, should be given the Van Orton treatment. The poster for The Shining gives the Colorado Lounge a much-needed psychedelic makeover.


The 2001 poster, meanwhile, places astronaut Dave Bowman into what seems to be some kind of gigantic pinball machine.

Generally, the films covered in this series are by the directors one would expect in such a movie-geek-friendly project: Tarantino, Argento, Wes Anderson, and so on. Don’t look for any ironically appropriated Uwe Boll or Michael Bay flicks here, unfortunately. There are a few surprises along the way, though, such as a blindingly bright treatment of Mel Brooks’ black-and-white classic, Young Frankenstein.


John Carpenter’s 1980s cult favorite, Big Trouble In Little China, seems especially suited to the series’ gaudy, quasi-retro aesthetic.


[via Designboom]

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