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Gay Of Thrones has blessed us with its return, honey

Now that Tim Gunn is no longer a regular fixture on television (please come back!), Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness is here to fill that relentlessly pleasant void with his positive attitude, fierce style, and an unwavering support of your daily journey in this world. And with the final season of Game Of Thrones comes one more season of Gay Of Thrones, which means twice as much JVN on our screens. Funny Or Die has released the first episode of the new season of Gay Of Thrones, titled “Winterfella,” featuring Van Ness and Bryan Safi discussing all the notable happenings on the Game Of Thrones season eight premiere.


It’s only six minutes long, but what a glorious six minutes it is–and maybe twice as long if you, like me, had to pause the video to work through your laugh-snorts over the character intros in the first minute. Van Ness helpfully breaks down who’s who in the procession arriving in Winterfell, like Baby Kill Bill (Arya), Dog The Bounty Hunter (The Hound, obviously), and–the one that totally annihilated me–Mayor Pete (Tyrion). If you’ve run out of salty Bran memes (and even if you haven’t), the latest episode of Gay Of Thrones is a much-watch. Just chalk that six minutes up to self-care, honey, and get ready to join House Snark.

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